DOT ADV is a full service communication agency. We are growing with an idea for the future. We create moments to remember within history. We are an unique and ambitious company striving only for the best results and achievements.

We are excellent communicators and good copywriters.

We are designers with visions and dreams.

We know all the mechanisms in advertising and media planning.

We are producing all from drafting the concept to putting the very final detail in every project.

We astonish all with our effectiveness and creativity.

We make our clients happy.

We see life as it is and we put color in it, this is just a simple thing to mark our progressive development.



Miro Petrov and Alex Nikolov comprise the core of DOT ADV. Two young man with lots of experience in two different areas of public relations and design. Miro worked as a graphic designer and production manager at CLOCKWORK Ltd. for three years. Alex is one of the best graphic and web designers in Bulgaria with a remarkable portfolio. The both of them, together with the other DOT ADV team members, have worked and continue to work for clients such as Adidas, Nestle, Ficosota Syntez, Danone, MasterCard, Coca Cola, Audi, Nivea, Investbank, UBB, Festa Hotels, Raiffeisen Bank and more.